War propaganda


Originally issued on 1942, these stamps are part of those overprinted issues in order to commemorate the birth of Republican National Guard(GNR). In this case too were utilized tha same printing technique already used for special delivery stamps, although with the Metastasio characters for the upper 25 stamps of the sheet and Rome for successive 25 lower items ( see chapter "Special delivery"). They do not exist with the I type charachters (Raffaello). Also such issue was overprinted (at Brescia) on December 20 1943. Such stamps were printed in double sheets from 50 items and every sheet brought stamps of the same arm. In the double sheets of 50+50 were,therefore, represented 2 arms. We remember that the arms were 4: Navy, Army, Air Force and Militia.For having a complete set of sheets of the same value it was necessary, therefore, to own four double sheets of 50 items. The disposition of these sheet was: Navy on the left sheet together to Army on right sheet ( I° oduble sheet ), Air Force on the left shet together to Militia on right sheet ( II° double sheet ).


Brescia II° Type




         25c. Navy        -36.000 items                  30c. Navy       -24.000 items               50c. Navy      -   36.000 items     
        25c. Army       - 37.500 items                  30c. Army      -25.000 items               50c. Army      -  37.500 items     
        25c. Air Force -36.000 items                  30c. Air Force-24.000 items               50c. Air Force-36.000  items    
        25c. Militia      - 37.500 items                 30c. Militia      -25.000 items              50c. Militia      -37.500 items

Issued on December 20 1943, these stamps are not rare in particular although interesting, but they become very interesting if on letter.

Brescia III° Type




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         25c. Navy      - 27.000 items                   30c. Navy        -18.000 items               50c. Navy      -   27.000 items
           25c. Army      - 28.500 items                   30c. Army       -19.000 items               50c. Army      -  28.500 items     
           25c. Air Force- 27.000 items                  30c. Air Force- 18.000 items               50c. Air Force- 27.000 items      
         25c. Militia      -28.500 items                  30c. Militia      -19.000 items               50c. Militia      -28.500 items   

See note about  II° type stamps






I don't know quantity issued at Verona. Although, we know how many items were destroyed (burned). Of 25 cents.stamps were destroyed 75,000 items for every arm ( 300,000 items of 25 cents burned ). 33,000 items burned of 30 cents for every arm ( 132,000 items totally burned ) and of 50 cents. were totally burned 276,000 stamps ( 69,000 for every arm ). I estimate a remnant of 4,000 stamps of each value. Probably issued on May 1944, these stamps, had not a regular postal use, but they were sold ( by Philatelic post office ) to collectors that, it seems, had book the purchase.






Issued on february 1944, these stamps used the same overprint adopted for Ordinary mail Fascetti. They were overprinted in two cities: Rome and Verona ( in the pic above are stamps from Verona issue ). They are very common if mint or cancelled ( interesting if cancel is expertizable ) and very interesting if on letter.