Air Mail

The use of the air mail during the period of the RSI was limited due to adverse war events, the little letters existing are rarities. The only air mail overprinted stamps used belongs to a set issued on 1930/1932 called" Miti e Leggende" and then overprinted in 1943/1944 by GNR.Also some "Fascetti" overprinted this air mail set, but they were not issued (see chapter " Proofs and essays").Regular letters travelled by air mail are extremely rare, the most letters with air mail stamps have philatelic origin.Like for the Brescia issue, were used three types of typographic compositions to overprint these stamps (I°, II° and III° type), see chapter Special Delivery to see differences between types. The quantity issued showed below are the sum of all types.

Brescia printing



This set was overprinted on December 23 1943, the same issue date of Ordinary Mail.From the original set(without overprint) issued on 1930,the value of 10 Lire is lacking, due to lack of sheet to overprint at Brescia. In the table below, the sum of all the types of overprint.
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              25c. - 22.900 items                       80c. -    480 items                          5L. -        3.900 items
             50c. - 24.900 items                        1L. - 13.700 items              2L.(ESPRESSO)- 900 items
             75c. - 24.300 items                         2L. -  3.050 items



Verona printing


This set was issued from May, 1944, but only 50 cents and 1 Lira stamps were distributed by Post offices. The other stamps,if cancelled, have always complimentary cancels. Note the presence of 10 Lire stamp, absent in Brescia printing.

              25c. - ???                         80c. - 14.000 items                      2L.(ESPRESSO) - 2.000 items
              50c. - ???                           1L. - ???                                                 5L. -           3.000 items
              75c. - ???                           2L. - 15.000 items                                10L. -           3.000 items