The best of GNR on cover


The covers showed in this chapter, are not, unfortunately, belonging at my collection. We are talking about the most rarities of GNR stamps on cover, some of these are single pieces, and They are extremely important for the study of this historical period.

Above is showed the only one cover universally known with the scarce 1,75 Lire with Brescia's GNR overprint.This cover was sent from Brescia to Toscolano ( on Garda Lake ), on January 10, 1944. At the bottom of stamp, are evident the signatures of some italian stamps experts,while on the lower right angle of the cover, there is the signature of the Provincial Postal Inspector ( Gatto ).

Another important cover is above showed. The stamps on this cover are the 1,25 Lire of the issue of Brescia, and the 35 Cent. of the same issue. This cover was sent from Brescia to Brescia on December, 31 1944.

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