Very interesting items


In this page are showed items from my collections I believe very important to study Italian Social republic stamps.They belong to particularly issues or sheet positions, this chapter is reserved to specialized collectors. Sorry for little sizes of items showed, but major sizes could cause too long image loading time.

This half sheet of 50 cents postage due issued at Brescia come from the upper part of lower double sheet ( 100 + 100 ). This overprint is called "G composition", such composition was used to overprint stamps of Lupa format ( horizontal stamps instead vertical )and to overprint postage due stamps too. Items showed above have positions from 101 to 150. Last stamps lower at right (position N° 150), presents the typical variety of this position, that is sawed stem of type R.

The block above showed belongs to G composition too. It came from the lower part of a lower double sheet, surely the most interesting because contains the handsomer varieties. Such block shows, infact, the " tryptic", constituted by position 168(upper part of R is broken), 169 (N with chiped dot) and 170 (N with big dot). Moreover is present the position 186 (R close N). Such varieties are very appreciated from specialized collectors.

This block of six special delivery stamps, belongs to a Genova issue and it is very scarce. The positions of the sheet are: 36-37-41-42-46-47. The cancel is from Mantua on December 6 1944.

This quarter of not perfored free-franching military stamps is very interesting and scarce.It was used to send parcels to soldiers at war.
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Above is showed a four stamps column of War Propaganda stamps. The lower item has the letters G and N composed by II° type characters (Metastasio), the letter R is instead composed by III° type character (Rome). This is a typical variety of position N°25 of Navy and Air Force sheets only (see War Propaganda chapter).

Positions N° 89/90/99/100 are showed in the quarter above. The lower-right stamp is the famous " Big fasces " (N° 100). This variety was made at Verona. Note the scarce brown-red inking overprint.

This letter-card with GNR overprint concludes, unfortunately, this outline of very interesting items. All cancels on stamps and letter-card are complimentary cancels but this letter-card has very interesting features. The 20 cents stamp has the dot after the letter N lower than others two dots,this feature is present in more positions of the sheet. The 25 cents stamp has the letter R without dot, feature of the second issue of Brescia(composition H),this feature is present on the position N° 10 of the sheet. The 30 c. has,instead, the letter R lightly more distanced from the letter N (3 typographic dots instead 2), typical feature of some positions of the sheet. Postage due stamps on this letter-card are from Brescia issue ( 25 and 50 cents only ), others are ( strangely ) belonging to Verona issue, the cancel is infact from Duomo Place in Brescia .

The front of letter-card explained above.