Future plannings

The Italian Social Republic remains always a reference point of my collection and the study of the overprint both of the fascetti and of the GNR has, for the moment, the priority. However I have begun a search on the World war II° through the occupations, is those Italians to the foreign country that those aliens in Italy. The study is already at good point and the scope I want to obtain is that whichever reader or collector can have an idea of the Italian history through the the "war stamps ". I think to have found a good point of encounter between my passion for the modern history and the philately. The advent of Internet and the possibility of linking with all over the world, suggest to me, moreover, the idea of translate the content in English, to sensitize all collectors about Italian Social Republic stamps. Some days ago, I have thought to a possible development of my idea of the history of World war II°through the stamps, that is " wide it " to the occupations of the forces of the Axis (Italy, Germany and Japan) in the Second War. Why the forces of the axis? It is not a political motivation but I think however that also people who have lost the war have right, at least, to an acknowledgment: who is died for an ideal has right however to the respect, also from winners, whichever are its ideas. I hope therefore to succeed in my attempt although I know that an ambitious plan like this, will be undoubtedly difficult to realize, also for the amount of information and photographies that I mean to insert. I fear to have bored enough who is reading these words, I wish to all interested a good vision of my pages, remembering that I am to disposition of how many have information to ask me inherent to my plans, or of how many mean to deepen the argument.