Adria    and   Alpenvorland 


After Armistice ( September 8, 1943 ), German troops occupied some districts of North-East Italy, especially Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Belluno's district. That to guarantee a sea mouth and to safeguard German Reich borders. These districts had becomed German district under a Gauleiter administration ( Gau was a German district, and Gauleiter was a Gau Nazist Party Chief ). The Gauleiter of Trentino Alto Adige was Franz Hofer and the Gauleiter of Friuli Venezia Giulia was Frederich Reiner. These new German districts were called respectively Alpenvorland and Adriatische Kustenland, shorten Adria. When the Italian Social Republic born, the administration was made jointly by Italy and Germanyl, these districts gone back under Italian administration, but German troops prosecuted in a partial check of these precinct. the Postal administration was made jointly by German and Italian authorities, but all military mail and the covers going toward Germany, was under German censorship. All covers below showed are philatelics franching.

The two covers above showed, came from Rovereto, belong at typical typology of Italian districts occupied by Germans. The blue cross, made by a pencil draw on covers, underlined the provenience from occupied territories.


These two covers were sent from Bruneck ( Brunico ). Note the contemporary presence of Italian and German stamps.

From Cortina d' Ampezzo ( Italy ) to Hamburg ( Germany ).

Belluno is the Italian city where, the cover above showed, was sent toward Germany.

Meran ( Merano ) is the place where the above cover was mailed.

This is last cover showed from Alpenvorland. This cover was sent on May 31, 1944 from Toblach ( Dobbiaco ) to Leipzig. Note the contemporary presence of Italian and German Stamps and cancels.

These covers were sent from Laibach ( Yugoslavia ). The district of Laibach was occupied by German troops after Italian Armistice. The cover on the left shows an Italian stamp ( Galilelo Galilei - issued on 1942 ).

This last cover was sent from Fiume ( Yugoslavia ) to Germany. In this case too the franching is composed by Italian and German stamps.