Historical dates

In this chapter, will be put all postal documents with, in some case, a low philatelic value, but an important historical value due the cancel date. We are talking about mail travelled in some days who were strictly connected to some war events.



One of the more meaningful dates of the conflict was undoubtedly the June 6, 1944: the disembarkation in Normandy. When this letter was cancelled, on the 5 beachs of the Northern France (Juno, Sword, Gold, Omaha, and Utah), almost 200,000 soldiers disembarked in the attempt to break through the enemy lines. The disembarkation, called Operation Overlord, begun at the dawn of the 6 June, also between thousand organizational difficulties and under a Germanic fire storm. The Operation succeeded on the evening of the same day. Approximately three million men disembarked by this way, penetrating themselves towards the inside and approaching themselves always more the borders of the Reich.

While this postcard trades was sent, on July 20,1944, at Rastenburg, place of the Eastern Prussia, an attempt was perpetrated to kill Hitler, by a group of Nazi hierarchs and Wehrmact officers who meant to begin a series of negotiations with Allies to stop the war. Their intent was to reach the Peace. After the disembarkation in Normandy, infact, the war events began to fail for the German forces. A bomb was placed at 12,37 p.m., by Klaus Von Staffenberg, in a travelling bag and positioned under a massive oak table, near Hitler, in order of a daily briefing that Hitler had with some important Wehrmacht officers. But the explosive bag was accidentally moved by the legs of a unaware officer, saving the life of the Fuher. After the explosion, happened on 12,42 p.m., Hitler survived with some scratchs, excoriations and a great fright. This did not prevent He to receive Mussolini, waited for 16,00 p.m., which verified himself the power of the explosion. Hitler convinced himself that his survival was due to a Divine participation, and however, He increased his suspicions toward his Generals and Officers. The official "attempters", approximately a dozen, were discovered and shooted or hanged up. A famous victim of this fact was the Feldmarshall Erwin Rommel,hero of many battles. His celebrity prevented Hitler to arrest him, but the "Desert fox" was forced to suicide himself. The complicity of Rommel in this attempt was never proved.