Private overprints


These private overprints were used on stamps by citizens, municipalities, or institutions devoted at Fascismus after its falling.When new Republican Fascist Government was declared, the stamps with royal picture were overprinted with fascists symbols to despise the former King of Italy ( Vittorio Emanuele III° ) and the stamps with the King were declared out of validity in waiting of new republican fascist stamps. A catalogue of these private overprints don't exist because these issues were very varied. Below are some stamps in my collection.




These covers, certainly philatelics but regularly sent, were affranchised with War propaganda printed by a rubber hand-stamp.



Private issue, maybe overprinted in Turin.


Private issue overprinted in Trento. Overprint says: Governo repubblicano fascista. The diction Repubblica Sociale Italiana will born on November 28 1943. This overprint made up Mussolini' s announcement on September 23 1943: He announced the birth of new Republican Fascist Government.


This special delivery stamp issued on 1932, was hand overprinted during RSI period by nazist symbols ( eagle and swastika ).

This letter piece shows some stamps ( 10 and 15 cents. ) with private overprint maybe made in Rome. Cancel date is December 12 1943, more a month before fascetti issue.


The difficult supplying of stamps to Postal Offices due the war, enforced authorities and private citizens to use all kind of stamps. The fiscal mark above showed, was overprinted with a verbal expression " Valid like a stamp "

This cover, certainly philatelics but regularly sent, shows a War Propaganda set, overprinted with a duble M, symbol of the GNR ( Republican National Guard ). The overprint was made by a rubber hand-stamp.


The 30 Cent. stamp on cover showed above, was overprinted by a pen, but the stamp wasn't retained valid and the cover was taxed.

Another overprint made by a rubber hand-stamp on a postage due stamp.

The 30 Cent. stamp on cover showed above, was badly overprinted, despite this, the cover was regularly sent without tax.