The issue of Alessandria



This set was overprinted over 10 days before the ufficial issue of Fascetti by Republican fascist Party of the city of Alessandria. This issue was decided in respect at an ordinance of December 20, 1943 who declared all stamps with Royal effigy, out of validity and forced Postal authorities to overprint all stamps who showed the former-king ( Vittorio Emanuele III ). That ordinance decided also the ink colors and type of overprints to adopt. Maybe this set was overprinted only for philatelists or speculative purpose, not much stamps were indeed overprinted and they were not distributed by Post offices, but like a gift to political authorities of the city. In each case this set is extremely rare and scarce, especially the stamp of 1,25 Lire and the special delivery stamp of the same value.




NOTICE : There are many sets counterfeits !