The issue of Teramo


Between the several issues " not ufficial " of the Italian Social Republic, this overprinted issue deserve to be define the " Ufficial private overprinted set " because this issue was the only one to be in respect of UPU ( Universal Postal Union ). Two hundred of this set were in fact sent to Berna ( Head Ofiice of UPU in Switzerland )and approved by the Committee.These stamps were overprinted in the city of Teramo on February 21, 1944.



Below are the amount of the stamps sold before the destruction of stock :

15c.-  6735 items                20c.- 9033  items                25c.-12993 items              30c.-7045 items
35c.-  2079 items              50c.- 10135 items                75c.-1574  items                1 L.-1000 items
1,25L.- 2258 items             1,75L.-2612 items                  2L.-1592 items             25c.(P.A.)-2188 it.
  50c.(P.A.)-2381 it.             75c.(P.A.)-1212 it.               1L.(P.A.)-1914 it.            1,25L(ESP)-2578 it.

NOTICE : There are many sets counterfeits !