Forgery  stamps


When the first stamp was issued, first counterfeiter was born. The stamps are millions and millions on the world and a lot of these are forgery. There are at least three 3 reasons to fake stamps : Somebody counterfeit stamp to have a profit, especially making rare stamps. The second reason is exclusively for a private satisfaction, maybe without fraud, the idea to build a rare stamps is fascinating for somebody.The third reason is for a kind of malice that somebody has. The enjoyment is great when somebody is able to trick neighbour. In some case it is not difficult to estabilish if a stamp is faked or genuine, in other cases the forgery is well done , so It is needful to refer to an expert. Below are a little amount of forgery stamps, usually not well done.

The overprints on stamps above showed, are badly executed and badly inked but, the unprepared counterfeiter, didn't realize that cancels on stamps are preceding of several years,the date of issue. Republican National Guard stamps (GNR) were issued on 1943 ( Brescia ) and 1944 ( Verona ), while the cancels above, show these date: 1930, 1932, 1940 and so on !

The forgery hit fascetti too.These stamps, if have not varieties or belonging to scarce issue ( see chaper : Fascetti ), have not much price, so It is not understandable why these stamps were overprinted, maybe the counterfeiter needed to build some " personal creations ". Above are showed some stamps that, for a bad inking and wretched print, are clearly faked.

The proofs above showed are very very badly executed. The counterfeiter used a coarse technology to overprint these stamps. The ink is too bright and fasces edges are not well printed.


The falsification of the stamp above is incomprehensible. This stamp is very common, so I don't understand why the counterfeiter losed his time to print a stamp that have not value. In this case is faked the cancel too ! A photocopy of the original stamps maybe would be more realistic.