Definitive stamps


Exceeded the phase of the use of preexisting stamps overprinted, postal authorities of Italian Social Republic were organized in the press of own stamps, that is using proper cliches. The sets regularly issued were three, all are very common. Below a brief description of these sets :



This first set, called "Monumenti distrutti" ( destroyed monuments), was issued on June 5, 1944 from the plants of the State Polygraphic in particular way from its detachment of Novara, because Allied forces occupied Rome on the day before. All sheets printed in Rome were seized by the Allies and delivered to the South government that used two stamps only (20 and 25c.) overprinting them with a new facial price. The press was executed on paper with "corona" (crown) watermark on quadruple sheets of 100 stamps.



Above is showed the second set called "Monumenti distrutti". This new set is enriched of other items and a better graphics, in spite of the not watermarked paper. The subjects represented are Republican symbolic draws and some Italian monuments destroyed by Allies bombings. In this case also the press was executed by the Novara's detachment of the State Polygraphic on double sheets of100 stamps. These stamps were not issued on the same day, but with variable dates. Below are the quantity issued together the issue day.


                                  5c. - 27/10/1944 -  2.000.000 items              50c. - 12/08/1944 -    ???
                                 10c. - 20/09/1944 - 2.000.000 items              75c. - 10/12/1944 -    ???
                                 20c. - 11/01/1945 - ???                                  1 L. - 11/09/1944  -   ???
                                 25c. - 29/08/1944 - ???                                  1,25L. - 28/01/1945 -  20.000.000 items
                                 30c. - 11/08/1944 - 7.000.000 items               3 L. -    27/02/1945 -    5.000.000 items


The centennial of the execution of Bandiera brothers is commemorated in this set issued on December 16,1944. The sheets of these stamps, printed on not watermarked paper , were maked up by 2 sections of 50 pieces each.