Authorized delivery


Authorized delivery stamps have an history lightly different from stamps till now studied.Only one kind of stamp was used for this postal service ( Rome printing ).This issue was used for emergency use, I refer in substitution of ordinary mail stamps whose its distribution was difficult because adverse war events. All other stamps described in this chapter,were not issued. GNR issue dosn't exist overprinted at Brescia,while exist overprinted at Verona, but this issue was only a proof, not regularly issued. Below a brief description of these stamps.


Rome printing

Issued on March 1944,this stamp was the only one to be issued regularly, it was used as emergency stamp and like authorized delivery service.This stamp was overprinted on a pre-existing stamp issued in 1930 by Italian Kingdom. The overprint is a little black fasces on a Savoy symbol. It is very common but interesting if it is on a letter.


Verona printing

This stamps was overprinted at Verona by big black fasces on April 1944, It was not issued because the overprint was judged too big in respect at stamps size. 500 stamps were issued and then they were sold to collectors. It is an extremely rare stamp, It doesn't exist on cover.

Another Verona issue is showed with a different kind of overprint ( little fasces with words ). This overprint was obtained using the same cliquet utilized to overprint Fascetti set. This stamps was issued on April 1944 with a low quantity of 1,700 pieces. It is very scarce.

Republican National Guard overprinted this stamp on May 1944. These stamps too were not issued, they were probably made with philatelic purposes. In each cases these stamps are extremely rare. Only a sheet ( 100 stamps ) was overprinted with red ink, another sheet was overprinted with black ink. These stamps don' t exist with Brescia overprint.


Turin printing


This stamp was overprinted in Turin on the end of March 1944 and distributed by Provincial Mail Direction to some authorized delivery agencies. The overprint was obtained by a rubber tampon ( two tampons were created, one with 6 rows and the other with 8 rows ). These tampons had a lenght of 140 mm. and overprinted a complete row of the sheet. The picture above, shows a stamp with a 8 rows overprint. About 5,000 stamps were issued, mostly lost, but some covers are knew, they are very scarce. This stamp is extremely rare.